Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights,.....
James 1: 17

Terpenes give plants their odor and taste. Farmers who grow hemp for CBD select strains that are high in CBD cannabinoid, but anybody who has smelled a hemp field knows that it is also loaded with terpenes. In fact, there are 120 identified terpenoids found in the cannabis plant. Most of the terpenes found in cannabis are also present in other plants. Caryophyllene, for instance, found in high concentrations in our "#5" product line, is the same terpene that gives black pepper it's spiciness. You'll taste caryophyllene should you try our #5 Tincture.

Terpenes have been studied heavily for their medicinal benefits, which are vast and potent. Below are links to just a few of the studies done nationally and internationally regarding the potential medicinal benefits of terpenes. We've found that good place to begin your study about the many potential benefits of terpenes is Here.

From the National Institutes of Health.
"So far only a small percentage of terpene is investigated (Franklin et al. 2001). Cannabis is one of the most common sources for the medicinal terpene (Franklin et al. 2001). This plant contains many medicinal properties like anticancer, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antihyperglycemic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic (Franklin et al. 2001). Terpene is also used to enhance skin penetration, prevent inflammatory diseases (Franklin et al. 2001). Nowadays modern medication use large scales of terpene for various treatment drugs (Franklin et al. 2001)."

From the University of Arizona.
"New research from the University of Arizona Health Sciences has found evidence that favors the entourage effect theory and positions Cannabis terpenes, the part of the plant that provides flavor and aroma, as a promising new target for pain therapies that would require lower doses and produce fewer side effects."

From the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.
"Terpenes' medicinal properties are supported by numerous in vitro, animal and clinical trials and show anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, anticonvulsive, antidepressant, anxiolytic, anticancer, antitumor, neuroprotective, anti-mutagenic, anti-allergic, antibiotic and anti-diabetic attributes, among others. Because of the very low toxicity, these terpenes are already widely used as food additives and in cosmetic products. Thus, they have been proven safe and well-tolerated."

Unfortunately, the desire to eliminate the odors and colors from oil also means eliminating the terpenes. This reduces the potential healing properties of the oil, dramatically, and increases the price as the oil must undergo further refinement. Ultimately what you're left with is an inferior product at an

inflated cost. A lose-lose proposition. A deeper dive into the research indicates that many of the compounds, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids (a new subject of research for us) work better together than divided into their individual components.

It Is Good leaves all the terpenes in our products. It is our belief that God made everything perfect and it is man that screws things up (see the example above). What you get when you choose any product from It Is Good is a whole plant (full-spectrum) oil complete with all of the natural cannabinoids and terpenes. The full-spectrum oil we use is small-batch and farm-strain specific. Unfortunately, like wine, once the last bottle of a vintage is gone, it's gone. But fortunately, like wine, there's always a good hemp strain to take the place of the last of the last good one. It Is Good will keep expanding our selection so if you don't see something you think will meet your health care needs, check back in a month. Or better yet, sign up with our blog or monthly newsletter where you'll learn about all kinds of great things....and maybe even hear a song or two!

While the aroma is diluted somewhat when the oil is mixed with other ingredients, there will be a distinctive odor and taste (but nothing that a "spoon full of sugar" can't help).

Our products contain no synthetic terpenes! They are all-natural, just as God intended!