A hundred years ago, hemp was ubiquitous in the United States. Its seeds, which contain essential amino acids, were eaten by humans almost daily, in some regions, in the form of gruel. Cattle grazed on wild hemp. Chickens and other livestock were fed hemp. The result was that the very milk, eggs, and meat our ancestors ate were imbued with cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and yes, in very small amounts, THC. Their food was also loaded with terpenes found in the hemp (cannabis) plant, like pinene, the primary terpene found in pine trees and limonene found in citrus peels. Recent studies confirm ancient wisdom, terpenes, like cannabinoids, have their own healing properties. Additionally, they are important compounds that help cannabinoids work better as a pharmaceutical.

By 1940, hemp was eliminated from our diets. As a result, all of the natural healing properties of hemp were eliminated from our diets. We cannot say that the per-capita increase of ailments like diabetes, cancers, and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's are the result of eliminating hemp from our diets as some of these, like cancer, were increasing prior to the criminalization of the hemp plant. However, recent research of cannabinoids and terpenes does suggest that these compounds have healing properties. Some of the "potent".

We here at It Is Good to believe that God made everything we need to nourish our bodies and heal ourselves. It is our goal to educate people as to the potential health benefits of the hemp plant and to provide the highest-quality hemp extracts to our customers.