Editor's Note: None of these statements have been evaluated by the far as we know. We'll give you a jump start, but please practice due diligence. Do your own research.

Only you should have final say as to how best to take care of your own body. Besides, digging is fun!

Caryophyllene is an absolutely amazing terpene! It is one of the chemical compounds that contribute to the aroma of black pepper. You'll taste a slight hint of black pepper in our #5 Tincture due to its high content of caryophyllene. There have been so many studies on the potential medicinal benefits of caryophyllene that it's hard to narrow down to just a few for a web page. We highly recommend to those so inclined, to research this terpene before any others, but be warned: it's a deep rabbit hole!

One of our favorites is a cancer study published in The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology in 2007, in which the "entourage effect" is explored. According to theseresearchers, caryophyllene helps other compounds, terpenes, cannabinoids, drugs, and etc., work better:

"We therefore suggested that b-caryophyllene could increase the anticancer activity of a-humulene. Indeed, b-caryophyllene has been shown to promote the absorption of 5-fluorouracil across human skin, suggesting that this compound could increase intracellular accumulation of anticancer agents, thereby potentiating their cytotoxicity (Cornwell & Barry 1994). Moreover, several sesquiterpenes, such as nerolidol and bisabolol, have been shown to sensitize bacteria to various antibiotic agents, thus increasing their antimicrobial activity (Brehm-Stecher & Johnson 2003)". (Emphasis added)

Potentiating Effect of b-caryophyllene on Anticancer Activity of a-humulene, Isocaryophyllene and Paclitaxel

That's awesome!

That's awesome!

Isn't God Grand? He created a terpene that makes other terpenes work better!

Additionally, the full-spectrum oil we use found in our #5 tinctures and balms contains both a-humulene (5,120 ug/g) and a whopping >12,000 ug/g of a-bisabolol!

And get this: all this medicine is found in one strain of hemp, grown on one ten-acre plot of ground, in the middle of the USA, by one all-American farmer.

Now time for a run-on sentence. Sorry. It just has to be this way.....

There is no longer any reason to cut down a single tree in the Amazon Jungle to harvest valuable terpenes

when they can be grown right here in America, year-after-year, renewably, organically, by a small American farmers; processed into pharmaceutical-grade full-spectrum CBD oil by skilled American tradesmen and tradeswomen; using CO2 extraction equipment that was also engineered and built from the ground-up by an American small business made of the best minds in the country; then blended with the finest ingredients and packaged at another American's small business (USDA Certified Organic, no less!); all coordinated by another American small business (us), then brought to you by American deliverymen and deliverywomen! *

This is how it's done! We can't fathom the economic activity that has been generated as a result of our little company coming into existence. We can't save all of America, but with God's Grace and the support of our wonderful customers, we'll be a bright beacon of hope, healing, perseverance, joy, and prosperity!

For those of you wondering: yes, terpenes are very valuable. Some can go for up to $30 per gram. And yes, some trees in the Amazon are harvested for their terpenes and needlessly and wastefully brought to US markets for sale.

*This statement, or any other statement you're likely to read anywhere, ever, has not been evaluated by the FDA, so there's no way to know if it's true or not. This statement is therefore not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure Hysterical Wokeness. If you believe that you suffer from HW, we urge you to try our #5 Vanilla Tincture. Maybe it'll help, maybe it won't; we're not allowed to say one way or another. If it does help, we'd love to see your testimony on our Testimonial page.

But we digress.... back to caryophyllene.

Besides its potential ability to help fight cancer, what other ways might caryophyllene be beneficial?

A diabetes study in 2015 concluded "that oral administration of BCP (b-caryophyllene) effectively rescued β-cells by mitigating hyperglycemia through enhancing insulin release and also averted oxidative/inflammatory stress in pancreatic tissue of diabetic rats."

Show of hands: How many of you all just said, "You dirty rats!" in your best Edward G. Robinson voice?

Seriously though, if you think caryophyllene might assist in your diabetes treatment, read the study above, then read more. And while the internet is a fantastic resource, there is no substitute for a good medical library when researching these topics. The librarians are happy to assist.

Caryophyllene "ameliorates" pneumonia? The results of this 2021 study says, "yes" (it's even in the title).

The β-caryophyllene notably diminished the total protein status, total cell count, and bacterial load in the pneumonia provoked mice. The marked reduction in the status of pro-inflammatory regulators was seen in the β-caryophyllene supplemented pneumonia mice. β-caryophyllene also down-regulated the expression of NF-ƙB thereby reduced the lung inflammation and tissue damages as seen in the result of histological analysis. [Emphasis added]

β-Caryophyllene Ameliorates the Mycoplasmal Pneumonia Through the Inhibition of NF-κB Signal Transduction in Mice

There are many more potential health benefits of caryophyllene. If you're interested in this wonderous terpene, the links above also include references and cited materials for further perusal. In our opinion, there's no way to do enough research about the products that are going into your body. If you are digging further into the research, some of the benefits you may find with regard to caryophyllene are:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Calmative
  • Analgesic
  • Decreases cholesterol
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Anti-seizure
  • Tracheal "smooth muscle" relaxation